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coaxial valves

The valves with coaxial design are designed completely pressure balanced. The pending medium pressure has almost no influence on the switching behavior. The switching capacity remains constant and the valves switch safely – regardless of whether under vacuum, low or high pressure. Only the seal friction at the highest pressures limits the pressure levels.

When closed (spring closing tight), the output pressure can be up to 16 bar higher than the inlet pressure. The seal tightness at the valve seat is ensured up to this value. This is called "16 bar counter pressure tight on the seat". For valves with actuated pneumatic or hydraulic drive, even back pressures up to the full pressure level are possible without the occurrence of seat leakage.

The unique valve design of the coax valve minimizes wear on the valve seat even when used with heavily contaminated media. Due to the special design, the coax valves are maintenance-free. The construction of the coax valve allows medium flow in both directions. Thus, the flow direction can alternate without affecting performance. The pressure-relieved and extremely compact design allows for the fastest opening and closing speeds. The corresponding coax valves achieve reproducible switching speeds of 25 ms.

The valve seat, the control tube and the valve drive are located on a common reference axis (coaxial design). The circular valve drive is arranged around the control tube and the valve seat. This extremely compact design provides advantages in system design where valves have to be installed in single, modular or strip arrangement under very tight installation conditions.

Application The coaxial valves are particularly suitable for lubricants in mechanical and plant engineering. Other possible uses can be found in vacuum and gas technology, in test bench construction, in ship and rail engines and in filling and dosing technology. By means of suitable seals, both gaseous and liquid, dirty or gelatinous media can be used, e.g. oils, emulsions, and coolants and lubricants.

The technical design of the valves is media and application specific. Can't find a suitable product on our homepage? Just contact us and choose from numerous variants and special designs that are not listed on our website. There is certainly something suitable for your request.

coaxial valves offer many decisive advantages

pressure balanced design – operating from 0 bar

The coaxial design keeps forces within the valve balanced regardless of system pressure and Δp. Whether controlling vacuum or high pressure - performance remains precise and dependable. Unlike conventional valves, coaxial valves require no minimum pressure differential in order to function.

back pressure tight

When the valve is closed, the pressure at the outlet side can be higher without any leakage.

maintenance free and resistant to dirt

The unique coaxial valve design minimizes wear of the valve seat even where extremely contaminated media is involved. Due to the special design with only a single moving part, no stem seal or external actuator / operator, coaxial valves do not require any maintenance. Even under extreme conditions, coaxial valves have up to 10 times longer lifetimes than conventional valves.

fast actuation

Pressure balanced design provides fast, repeatable operation in less than 30 milliseconds making coaxial valves some of the fastest valves you can specify.

bi-directional operation

The valve design allows the medium to flow through in both directions, eliminating the need for multiple valves.

compact size

The coaxial valve design provides a compact package by eliminating bulky actuators.