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Special Valves

IV 10-3

Data Sheets
General Operating Manual
ports threads G 1/2
pressure range vacuum max. 98%, Δp max. 1 bar
media gaseous
switching cycles 30 1/min
switching time 30 ms opening
30 ms closing
media temperature -5 °C — +60 °C
weight 1,1 kg
nominal voltage Un 24 V DC
energized duty rating ED 40%

The valves' technical design is based on media and application requirements. This can lead to deviations from the general specifications shown on the data sheet with regards to the design, sealing materials and characteristics.

Product description

Impulse valves are valves with an impulse magnet as a drive. They are equipped with three port connections and two switching positions.

These valves do not require continuous voltage for a switching operation like a directly controlled solenoid valve. A short voltage pulse is sufficient for reliable switching. In the process, the control piston remains in this position until it is reversed by an opposite impulse. Impulse valves are not equipped with a return spring and thus, do not have a specific return position. This drive type enables the valve to securely remain in the same position, even in the event of a power failure. This series is considered to be particularly reliable and is used in areas where this safety feature is of particular significance.

Impulse valves demonstrate these strengths, above all, in vacuum applications such as packaging, glass and metals for the construction and furniture industry. They are used as robust and very reliable direct acting valves for all types of lifting equipment with suction cups. Extremely heavy loads are frequently attached to this lifting equipment. A completely safe transport of the loads is ensured due to the impulse magnets, even if there is a complete power failure on the valve or system.

As the impulse magnets are not equipped with any dynamic seals, they are ideally suited for the harsh conditions in dusty environments. During the switching operation, these valves only require a short switching impulse and do not heat up during operation. The energy costs are negligible.

Valves of type IV 10-3 have a seat diameter of 10 mm and a threaded connection with G 1/2”.

Due to its design, the pressure of the IV series is limited to a vacuum up to 1 bar.


Special Valves