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Energy can be generated from fossil fuels, nuclear or regenerative energy sources and the share of regenerative sources is rising steadily. In addition, energy sources such as hydrogen are also assuming a key role in this energy turnaround as well as in decarbonization. müller co-ax offers a wide range of suitable valve types for both conventional as well as regenerative energy sources. This range can cover media temperatures up to 400°C. Certifications such as TÜV, DVGW, ATEX and SIL3 confirm that our valves can be used reliably in safety areas.

Application examples of our valve technology


Hydrogen applications

Wind power plants

Biogas plants

Hydroelectric power plants

Coal-fired power plants

Nuclear power plants

Geothermal plants

Reasons why coax® is the best choice for applications in the energy industry include

Process efficiency due to the coaxial design
  • Process efficiency due to the coaxial design
    The transformation taking place in the area of power generation is massive. The share of renewable energies is constantly increasing. At the same time, the processes involved need to be designed so that they are ever more efficient and cost effective. müller co-ax is taking on the challenges of this industry. We can provide customized process optimizations due to our high-quality valves and our wide range of accessories. Our coaxial valves are especially compact due to the coaxial drive. Accessories such as limit switches can also be attached to the valve in a space-saving manner. In addition, the unique valve design ensures a high flow rate, fast switching times, and trouble-free operation.
  • Safe and reliable operation
    We offer type-tested DVGW and TÜV valves for use as emergency shut down valves for gas burners and burners for liquid fuels. And you can rely on our valves in an emergency, because they can close within one second. In addition, you can also be sure that our valves will operate reliably in safety areas due to the SIL3 and ATEX certifications, including Zone 0.
Safe and reliable operation
Our solutions are as individual as your requirements
  • Our solutions are as individual as the requirements of our clients
    We monitor every aspect along the value creation chain, from energy generation and storage to its use. Due to the wide range of ways in which energy is generated, the requirements a valve has to fulfill also vary greatly. Among other things, mechanical energy can be supplied via the combustion of biogas or natural gas in gas engines or turbines. In wind turbines, on the other hand, the kinetic energy of the wind is harnessed via the rotor blades. This mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy via the use of generators. The electricity generated can in turn be used to produce green hydrogen as an energy carrier via electrolysis. We see ourselves as problem-solvers for our clients, and our work is characterized by a collaborative partnership.