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Modules and Manifolds

Whenever several valves are to be used in a confined space and with minimal piping, a module or strip solution is recommended. In contrast to single piping, the expense for valve piping, fittings, working time, and possible leaks is almost cut in half.

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SIL3 Safety Integrity Level DIN EN 61508

The module solution is the flexible variant. Valves that are mounted in a module body can be flanged to one another in minutes using fastening screws and expanded as required. The system is very flexible; the individual modules seal each other. Using an adapter, even valves of different nominal sizes can be integrated in a single module system. A module system can also be divided by using separation modules. This makes it possible to operate a module simultaneously with two different media or two different pressures. In order to be able to react flexibly to requirements, a wide range of accessories is available to the user. Extras such as blind covers, volume control, and mounting brackets round out the offer. The modules are available from 2-fold to 9-fold versions, all module parts are also available in stainless steel or aluminum.

On request, müller co-ax ag can also implement special solutions, which are referred to as strips. They are each made from one piece - an efficient solution, especially for series systems with the same number of pieces, if the cost factor and not the flexibility is the focus.

Depending on whether the valve seat is installed inside or outside the module, we differentiate between valves with a mixing or distributor function. More information can be found in the animations on our homepage.

The most common valve types can already be integrated in module or strip designs with a wide range of nominal sizes and pressure ratings. The technical design is application-specific in close consultation with the customer.

Can't find a suitable product on our homepage? Just contact us and choose from a variety of variants and special designs that are not listed on our website. There is certainly something suitable for your request.

Overview technical data Modules and Manifolds

co-ax type orifice connection max. pressure range Kv value
MK 10
10 mm thread 0 - 100 bar 2,5 m³/h
MK 15
15 mm thread 0 - 100 bar 4,8 m³/h
MK 20
20 mm thread 0 - 100 bar 7,4 m³/h
MK 25
25 mm thread 0 - 100 bar 11 m³/h
VMK 10
10 mm thread 0 - 100 bar 2,5 m³/h
VMK-H 10
10 mm thread 0 - 200 bar 3,5 m³/h
VMK 15
15 mm thread 0 - 100 bar 5,7 m³/h
VMK 20
20 mm thread 0 - 100 bar 8,8 m³/h
VMK 25
25 mm thread 0 - 100 bar 12,2 m³/h
VMK 32
32 mm thread 0 - 100 bar 20 m³/h
PCD-1/2 10
10 mm thread 0 - 200 bar 3 m³/h
PCD-1/2 15
15 mm thread 0 - 200 bar 6 m³/h
PCS-1/2 10
10 mm thread 0 - 200 bar 3 m³/h
PCS-1/2 15
15 mm thread 0 - 200 bar 6 m³/h
CFM 08
8 mm thread 0 - 40 bar 1,6 m³/h
MCF 08
8 mm thread 0 - 100 bar 1,6 m³/h