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The chemicals industry satisfies the needs for raw materials for critical industry segments. Whether it’s the handling of industrial gases or process engineering systems for the production of plastics, müller co-ax provides valves with the highest degree of process reliability in corrosive or explosive environments. Acids, alkalies, gases as well as high-viscous media can be controlled due to application-related adjustments to housing materials as well as interior parts and seals that come into contact with the media.

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Reasons why coax® is the best choice for applications in the chemicals industry include

Highest safety requirements are met
  • Highest safety requirements are met
    Valves from müller co-ax gmbh can be used in critical processes. DVGW-, TÜV-, ATEX- and SIL3-certified valves are used in explosive environments as well as safety-relevant areas. We also offer vacuum-tested valves with vacuum test certifications for the highest tightness requirements.
  • Special solutions for especially challenging media
    Special seals and protective coatings are just some of the options that we offer for your selection. For oxygen applications, our offerings range from residue-free cleanliness to final assembly in a clean room. Application-specific custom designs are also available to choose from which are not listed on our website.
Special solutions for especially challenging media
Unique valve design
  • Unique valve design
    Versatile advantages combined in just one valve – our valves are suitable for use in vacuum, low pressure, and high pressure applications. Pressure balanced valves enable the control of media independent of the existing pressure whereby very fast switching times are possible. This unique valve design also ensures a reciprocal flow rate.