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13 April 2022

VMK-H 10
Extension of high pressure coaxial valves series

The müller co-ax gmbh added the new VMK-H 10 into its product range and therefore extended the high pressure coaxial valves series. The VMK-H 10 is an externally controlled valve with a coaxial construction. It was developed for high pressure applications in the pressure range from 0-200 bar with a nominal diameter of DN 10 mm.

Benefits for the customer

With a KV value of 3.5 m³/h, the VMK-H 10 offers an extremely high flow rate. The low air consumption of the valve and the low power consumption of the pilot valve minimize the process costs for the customers. In addition, the coaxial valve impresses with its compact design. The VMK-H 10 offers maximum flexibility and adaptability through the possible integration of two limit switches, various connections and the design as a module. By utilizing air throttles on the pilot valve, the switching times can be adjusted and dampened by the customer as desired.

As versatile as the other coaxial valves from müller coax

Due to the pressure balanced design, the coaxial valves from müller coax can be used for vacuum to high-pressure applications. They switch from 0 bar operating pressure and regardless of the pressure difference across the valve. Different media, from gaseous to viscous, can be controlled using different housing materials and seals. The VMK-H 10 can be used for various applications in the high pressure area. Among others, it is suitable for use in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in construction and transport.

Application example

The VMK-H 10 has already been used in the area of washing technology. The design as a module offers the customer an extremely compact and space-saving solution. The VMK-H 10 offers our customers maximum reliability and performance up to 200 bar.

more information on the VMK-H 10

VMK-H 10
The new VMK-H 10 by müller coax.