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26 April 2024

Success Story: coax® valves impress when it comes to handling reagents in laboratory technology


The specific challenges of our customers require specific solutions. In response, we pull out all the stops. Through cross-departmental, agile work, a new valve was developed within a very short time.

Stanislav Hoerdt, head of export, and Mario Walch, development engineer at müller coax in Forchtenberg, emphasize the valve's outstanding compact design and reliability. “In order to improve, it is important to be close to the market and know the concerns of customers. This includes following up on a request for a quote. A possible solution is often found through further discussion. Or, as in this case, a solution was created for the customer”, says Hoerdt.

The customer uses various media with a variable mixing ratio, which posed a technical challenge, especially in terms of valve durability. To avoid contamination and damage to the system, the application must be completely leak-proof.

With fast and agile processes, coax® scores across the board

The valve development was preceded by fast and reliable cross-departmental collaboration. coax stands for short distances, which in this case means that a valve was developed within a very short time.

In-between of the first 6 weeks, a functional valve prototype was developed and one month later the first draft of the test bench was created. Components such as port connections and internal parts were produced using a 3D printer. “The 3D printing technology holds so many advantages for us, especially in prototyping and test bench construction. In addition to the cost advantages, it also offers us great opportunities, especially in valve designs that would not be possible or through a very high effort with a milling machine”, says Walch.

The newly developed coaxial valve, is particularly impressive due to its compact design, fast switching cycles and safe closing, even with contaminated media. In this case, this also includes a drip edge to specifically drain away residual media. The valve therefore offers a high level of process reliability with viscous media and at the same time very low power consumption. The Plug&Play design is a complete solution with very little installation time and therefore high cost efficiency. But the development process doesn't stop with the product; even the packaging has been optimized by using an environmentally friendly, precisely fitting cardboard box.

„Within a very short time we created a new product which perfectly fits for any special requirement of the already existing system of the customer.“

coax® Ventile überzeugen beim Handling von Reagenzien in der Labortechnik
from left: Mario Walch (development engineer), Stanislav Hoerdt (head of export)